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Polly's Past
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Essex / Gloucestshire / London / Norfolk / Oxfordshire / Suffolk: c1572-1922
Abbs Andrews Argent Bland Byatt Cannon Carter Coe Crow Erith/Ery Gardner Harding Hicks Hunwick King Moss1 Moss2 Myston Notley Payne Peake Piggin Ranson Raven Ridnall Rush Slipper Smith2 Smoothy Stearn Susans Theobald/Tibble Wakefield Wright


Thomas Slipper m Jane Rush
Thomas married Jane 1666 Beeston
...they begat Elizabeth, Rebekah, ADAM

ADAM Slipper m Mary Abbs
Adam married Mary 1693 Rackheath
...they begat Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, John, Adam, Joseph, Adam, Sarah, JOSEPH, Eve

JOSEPH Slipper m Mary
Joseph baptised 1711 Rackheath
...they begat Mary, Amy, JOSEPH

JOSEPH Slipper m Sarah Piggin
Joseph born 1741 Irstead
...they begat JOSEPH, Sarah, James, Mariah, Sarah

JOSEPH Slipper m Hannah
Joseph baptised 1766 Crostwick
...they begat Joseph, John, Sarah, William, Elizabeth, Sarah, ?Isaac, JAMES, Hannah, Elizabeth

JAMES Slipper m Margaret Gardner
James born 1807 Salhouse
...they begat James, John, Joseph, JAMES, Hannah, Thomas

JAMES Slipper m Matilda Moss2
James born 1839 St Pancras
...they begat ALBERT, Arthur, Matilda, Frank/Frederick, Alice, Thomas, Ada, Alfred, Florence

ALBERT Slipper m Daisy Payne
Albert born 1872 Romford
...they begat Harold, Albert, HORACE, Arthur, Daisy, Ivy
(+ Peter from Albert's 2nd marriage)

HORACE Slipper m Elsie Moss1
Horace born 1899 Ilford

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James Piggin m Mary
...they begat SARAH

SARAH Piggin m Joseph Slipper
Sarah baptised 1734
( Continued under Slipper )

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JOSEPH Gardner m Mary Wakefield
Joseph married Mary 1790 Sherborne
...they begat William, Ann, Thomas, James, MARGARET, Elizabeth, Hannah, Bartholomew

MARGARET Gardner m James Slipper
Margaret baptised 1804 Brize Norton
( Continued under Slipper )

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Humphrey Wakefield m Jane
Humphrey born Sherborne
...they begat William, Elizabeth, Ann, JOHN, Anne, James, Thomas

JOHN Wakefield m Mary Hicks
John born 1723 Sherborne
...they begat Anne, Elizabeth, Sarah, Calo, Jane, Humphrey, Daniel, Jane, Humphrey, MARY

MARY Wakefield m Joseph Gardner
Mary baptised 1769 Sherborne
( Continued under Gardner )

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Charles Hicks
...he begat MARY Hicks

MARY Hicks m John Wakefield
Mary born 1724 Northleach
( Continued under Wakefield )

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ISAAC Moss2 m Hannah Bland
Isaac married Hannah 1804 Little Maplestead
...they begat Robert, JAMES, Isaac, John, Sarah, Ann

JAMES Moss2 m Harriet Theobald/Tibble
James baptised 1806 Great Maplestead
...they begat William, Robert, Sarah, James, Emma, Josiah/Joseph, Frederick, MATILDA

MATILDA Moss2 m James Slipper
Matilda born 1845 Little Maplestead
( Continued under Slipper )

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William Theobald m Mary
...they begat William, Elizabeth, John, Simpon, THOMAS

THOMAS Tebell m Susanna Myston
Thomas baptised 1672 Cavendish
...they begat Susanna, John, Thomas, Sarah, JOHN

JOHN Theobald m Mary
John baptised 1705 Lavenham
...they begat John, Joshua, SAMUEL, James, Mary, John, Sarah, Joshua

SAMUEL Theobald m Elizabeth
Samuel baptised 1737 Borley
...they begat JOHN, William, Elizabeth, Joshua, James, Sarah, James

JOHN Theobald m Sarah Argent
John baptised 1769 Borley
...they begat Sarah, Mary Ann, HARRIET, John, Hannah, Joseph, James

HARRIET Theobald/Tibble m James Moss2
Harriet baptised 1808 Belchamp Walter
( Continued under Moss2 )

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John Argent m Ann Erith
John born 1743
...they begat Lilly, John, SARAH, William, Elizabeth, Ann, Matthew

SARAH Argent m John Theobald
Sarah baptised 1773 Belchamp Walter
( Continued under Theobald )

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John Ery m Ann
...they begat ANN

ANN Erith m John Argent
Ann born 1746 Belchamp Otten
( Continued under Argent )

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Samuel Pain m Mary
...they begat Ann, Hannah, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Samuel, GEORGE

GEORGE Payne m Lucy Smith2
George baptised 1794 Icklingham
...they begat George, CHARLES, Elizabeth, William, Richard, Frederick, Allen, Charlotte, Sampson, Mary, James

CHARLES Payne m Hannah Smoothy
Charles baptised 1822 Bures St Mary
...they begat WILLIAM, George, James, Sophia, Allen

WILLIAM Payne m Sarah Hunwick
William born 1847 Little Coggeshall
...they begat Laura, Lily, DAISY, Alan, Ernest, Mary

DAISY Payne m Albert Slipper
Daisy born 1874 Pattiswick
( Continued under Slipper )

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John Smith2 m Elizabeth Stearn(e)
John married Elizabeth 1758 Bradfield St Clare
...they begat WILLIAM

WILLIAM Smith2 m Mary Ranson
William baptised 1761 Bradfield St George
...they begat Mary, Elizabeth, LUCY, Martha, Anne, Sophia, Eliza, Eliza, Isabella

LUCY Smith2 m George Payne
Lucy baptised 1798 Bradfield St George
( Continued under Payne )

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Charles Stearn m Elizabeth
...they begat JAMES, Thomas, Joseph

JAMES Stearne m Frances Peake
James baptised 1695 Bradfield Combust
...they begat James, John, Frances, John, John, Anne, ELIZABETH

ELIZABETH Stearn(e) m John Smith2
Elizabeth baptised 1735 Bradfield St Clare
( Continued under Smith2 )

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Christopher Rannsonne/Ransome m Elizabeth Write
Christopher baptised 1608 Gedding
...they begat John, Mary, Susan, EDMUND

EDMUND Rannsonne m Susan Ridnall
Edmund baptised 1641 Bradfield St George
...they begat John, JOHN, Edmund, Susan, Thomas

JOHN Ranson m Elizabeth Susans
John baptised 1673 Bradfield St George
...they begat THOMAS, Mary

THOMAS Ranson m Mary Coe
Thomas baptised 1704 Bradfield St George
...they begat Mary, Thomas, John, Isaac, WILLIAM, Christopher

WILLIAM Ranson m Sarah Notley
William baptised 1739 Bradfield St George
...they begat Sarah, William, MARY, Frances, Debora, John, John, ?John/Isaac, Hannah

MARY Ranson m William Smith2
Mary baptised 1768 Bradfield St George
( Continued under Smith2 )

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HENRY Wright m Ann
Henry buried 1638 Bradfield St George
...they begat Ann, Rachell, Anna, Lawrence, ELIZABETH, Susan

ELIZABETH Write m Christopher Rannsonne/Ransome
Elizabeth baptised 1611 Bradfield St George
( Continued under Ranson )

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Thomas Notley m Sarah
...they begat SARAH, Rose, William

SARAH Notley m William Ranson
Sarah baptised 1739 Bradfield St George
( Continued under Ranson )

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John Smoothy m Esther
...they begat HANNAH

HANNAH Smoothy m Charles Payne
Hannah born 1827 Wethersfield
( Continued under Payne )

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FRANCIS Hunwicks m Elizabeth
...they begat Elizabeth, WILLIAM, Francis

WILLIAM Hunwick m Mary
William baptised 1742 Great Coggeshall
...they begat EPHRAIM, Mary Ann, William, Mary, John

EPHRAIM Hunwick m Ann Raven
Ephraim born 1769 Coggeshall
...they begat Hannah, William, Sarah, Elizabeth, Ann, James, HENRY, Mira

HENRY Hunwick/Hunnicks m Mary Ann Harden/Harding
Henry baptised 1809 Pattiswick
...they begat Eliza, Caroline, William, Charles, James, Emily, SARAH, Mary Ann, Charles

SARAH Hunwick m William Payne
Sarah born 1847 Bradwell
( Continued under Payne )

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Peter Raven m Susan King
...they begat ANN

ANN Raven m Ephraim Hunwick
Ann baptised 1770 Earls Colne
( Continued under Hunwick )

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John Harding m Susan Byatt
John married Susan 1724 Bocking
...they begat JOHN

JOHN Harding m Mary Andrews
John born 1725 Bocking
...they begat John, ABSALOM, Mary, Mary, Mary

ABSALOM Harden m Elizabeth Cannon
Absalom baptised 1749 Bocking
...they begat Absalom, Absalom, John, JOHN

JOHN Harden m Lettice Carter
JOHN born 1784
...they begat MARY ANN

MARY ANN Harden/Harding m Henry Hunwick/Hunnicks
Mary Ann baptised 1808 Bocking
( Continued under Hunwick )

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Daniel Cannon m Priscilla Crow
...they begat ELIZABETH

ELIZABETH Cannon m Absalom Harden
Elizabeth baptised 1748 Bocking
( Continued under Harding )

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